Linux is not Unix

I am an avid user of Linux (specifically Arch Linux), and you can find my dotfiles detailing the programs I use here.

If you are a student from Pisa, you can find me hanging out with the servers in PHC, aula 106 of the math department, were we play with various Linux distributions and fix software problems as an hobby.


In PHC we maintain a repository containing a few scripts for the average math department enjoyer:

  • printa4 lets you print remotely from aula 4 (or any other printer) from your own computer, by opening Okular remotely in a graphical session.
  • impagina changes the layout of a PDF in order to print it as a booklet.
  • gobbino is a magical script for downloading any video or pdf from all of Massimo Gobbino’s courses.
  • pdfcompress compresses a PDF by around 1000% for vectorized documents (quite useful for iPad notes).


I sometimes write tech articles for MoreThanTech: