In these days the angel of topology and the devil of abstract algebra fight for the soul of each individual mathematical domain ~ Hermann Weyl, 1939

General resources


Here’s some material from my undergrad classes, drop me an email for any glaring mistakes.

Istituzioni di Algebra

The PDFs and LaTeX sources of all the exercises from the course, on commutative and homological algebra.


In 2023 I TeX’ed up some exercises from Di Nasso’s Mathematical Logic course.

ETI (Set Theory)

A repository for the course of Elementi di Teoria degli Insiemi held by Marcello Mamino in 2022, containing:


Snippets of code, course notes and the final project from the Algorithms and Data Structure course of Roberto Grossi: repository.

Algebra 2

A markdown list of past oral exam questions.

Geometria 2

Idem as above, a list of oral exam questions.

Ricerca Operativa

Same, “with potatoes”: list.

Laboratorio Didattico di Matematica Computazionale

Some MATLAB exercises from the aforementioned course.

LPL (Principles for Software Composition)

This is a repository containing some exercises I coded during “Linguaggi di Programmazione con Laboratorio” classes.